Netanyahu membeli vaksin Rusia untuk Palestina – klaim kepala Hadassah

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Perdana Menteri Benjamin Netanyahu membeli dosis vaksin virus corona Sputnik V Rusia untuk Palestina, menurut Direktur Jenderal Pusat Medis Universitas Hadassah Zeev Rotstein.

“Kami menyarankan [Sputnik V], dan faktanya, perdana menteri kami sudah mengatur beberapa vaksin Rusia untuk Palestina, “kata Rotstein dalam sebuah wawancara dengan The Jerusalem Post.

Ketika ditanya lagi oleh Post untuk mengklarifikasi bahwa vaksin tersebut dibeli oleh Netanyahu untuk Palestina, dia menjawab ya.

Vaksin Rusia telah terbukti hampir 92% efektif dalam menangkal virus, menurut sebuah penelitian yang diterbitkan oleh jurnal medis Lancet. Namun, itu belum disetujui FDA.

Kantor Perdana Menteri membantah bahwa pembelian semacam itu dilakukan. Otoritas Palestina juga mengatakan tidak tahu apa-apa tentang kesepakatan itu. Dana Investasi Langsung Rusia berkata, “kami tidak mengomentari hal ini.”



Israel mendapatkan banyak perhatian dunia karena penanganan pandemi, khususnya kampanye vaksinasi massal yang dimulai pada akhir Desember. Bagaimana keadaan Israel sebenarnya?

Saya tidak berpikir medali sukses memerangi korona jatuh ke Israel tahun ini. Entah bagaimana, saya merasa kami melakukan banyak kesalahan selama memerangi korona. Ada daftar panjang. Dan itu adalah perasaan pribadi saya bahwa Israel bisa berbuat lebih baik.

Menarik. Bagaimana status di Hadassah – berapa jumlah pasien COVID-19 yang Anda miliki sekarang?

Saya akan mengatakan ada minggu-minggu di mana kami memiliki lebih dari 150 pasien sekaligus. Kemudian berkurang menjadi sekitar 100 pasien pada saat bersamaan. Hari ini kami sedikit kurang dari 100 pasien, kami adalah 90 pasien. Dan Anda harus menyadari bahwa pasien ini adalah pasien ekstra. Kami tidak mengganti pasien reguler dengan pasien korona, jadi ini adalah hal terpenting yang kami lakukan dengan tingkat hunian kami di atas 100 sepanjang waktu. Artinya, rumah sakit ini ramai banget dan kami sibuk banget untuk merawat pasien non-korona dan pasien korona.

Hadassah telah menjadi salah satu rumah sakit tersibuk selama pandemi ini, jika bukan yang tersibuk – tepat di persimpangan haredi dan masyarakat Arab – dua populasi yang kita tahu telah mengalami wabah besar-besaran. Berapa total orang yang Anda rawat? Dan bagaimana rumah sakit menanganinya?

Secara total, berbicara sekitar 100%, itu berarti 1.400 pasien telah dirawat di dua kampus kami. Dan rata-rata lebih dari 100% tingkat hunian, jadi ada 1.500 pasien pada saat yang sama kami merawat dengan jumlah staf yang sama. Masalah kami sebenarnya adalah posisi staf, yang benar-benar memberikan hati dan keringat mereka untuk perawatan orang-orang di Yerusalem. Yerusalem unik karena warnanya sangat merah selama pandemi karena berbagai sektor di Yerusalem, menjadi Yahudi haredi di satu sisi dan populasi Arab dari Yerusalem timur di sisi lain dan kemudian Yahudi sekuler. Jadi ini semacam campuran.

Dan itu terwakili dengan baik di antara staf dan pasien kami. Ingat, staf kami berasal dari tiga sumber ini, dan [the epidemic spreads at home, so some of our staff got infected. And we had to really be very careful. That’s why we started early to screen our staff. We did it long before it was accepted by the Health Ministry but it saved us because we limited the number of staff that got infected by it and we kept ourselves as an island without the corona inside and among our staff as much as we could.

Of course, living in a red zone directly affected the number of patients among our staff as well because they go home at the end of the shift. But it was better, and we handled it better than everyone else. And it was reflected in percentage of vaccinated patients. We started early in vaccinations and we tried to be the best among all the other hospitals. And I’m proud to say more than 95% of all our staff are now vaccinated, and starting next week we won’t allow any physician or nurse to get close to a patient without being fully vaccinated.

Amazing, and I think you’re the only hospital that’s doing that, requiring staff to be vaccinated or not treat the patients, correct?

We are proud enough to say loudly and openly that we care for our patients. Remember that we have immunosuppressed patients, and with many risk factors and diseases. Our responsibility for these patients is, as we say in Latin primum non nocere, first of all to help our own people that we are treating and that we will care for our patients. And I think it’s much more important than to keep an eye on the privacy of our staff because usually those who decided to join Hadassah should know in advance that the first, second and third things that matter are our patients.

The government this week made a decision to open the airports and allow Israelis to return home to vote in the election. They claim they are going to increase enforcement. They are going to use electronic means to track the whereabouts of the people that are supposed to be in isolation. How trouble are we in?

We are in a lot of trouble, but it comes from two sources. And I’m not really politically correct in what I’m saying, and sometimes I have criticism of my own ministry, which is the Health Ministry and some of the ideas of the government. I want to be very honest today. A majority of Israelis are immune, over 4.5 million people, except for the children, and I hope very much that international firms will finish with their clinical assessment of the safety of the vaccines for children under 16 and we will enlarge the population that are immune. 

The problem of course is mutations. We know there are mutations and we know there will be more mutations, and we know we can actually guess and say there will be mutations that will not be susceptible to the immunization from the vaccine.

You mean they’ll be vaccine resistant, we won’t be able to fight them with the vaccine?

We probably will have that, in time. And it will come through the only opening, which is of course Ben-Gurion Airport. So the mission is not just for the public to obey regulations, it’s for the Health Ministry – they cannot hide behind saying the people are not disciplined. If they care about mutations, they should screen everybody. And next generation sequencing is available in the country, it’s available in most hospitals, especially Hadassah. The fact that they insist on doing the next generation sequencing for the positive corona tests only in one place, which is the Health Ministry laboratory – this is the problem. Because they don’t work around the clock. They are limited in the number of exams they can perform. They should split it among the other hospitals. It should be very clear that the answer for new mutations should be given in less than 12 hours rather than 3 weeks or 4 weeks until a new epidemic starts. It’s time to stop talking and start doing, and if it’s so important, and I believe it’s important, next generations sequencing of positive tests should be done by everyone and immediately. 

It’s one episode to really discover the mutation in 12 hours, or to put the people for 12 days or 14 days at home, which is much more difficult to achieve. The earliest that we can detect a new patient and isolate them would be perfect. And I believe that building trust of the people to our leaders, especially medical leaders, is essential to beat the pandemic. And I’m one who says exactly what I think and I say it openly. If we are afraid, and we should be afraid, of new mutations, then new tactics should be instituted immediately without any hesitation.

It’s very reminiscent of the beginning of the first wave, when we only allowed people to test for corona in the central lab until they realized we need 100,000 tests.

Same mistakes! Then the private sector actually saved the country, though in Hadassah we could have done much more than we did. We had around 8,000 PCR tests a day. 

I’m afraid there’s a lot of politics – and not just the parties, as lot of politics are taking place all over the country. And the Health Ministry is not innocent in this internal politics. Sometimes they look at Hadassah and in spite of the fact that Hadassah has been here for more than 100 years giving care to the people of the area, openly without discrimination, always the best treatment available. Still they consider us as outsiders of the governmental network of hospitals, which reflects on our budget, our ability to give the best care to people, etc. It might be time to look differently at the seven public hospitals that are not governmental hospitals to care for their existence, to give them enough budget, to care for the workers of these hospitals and to use them properly, because I have the idea that we are underused by the ministry, could do much more than we do today.

The fact is that from a day to day, we have accomplished an additional 150 patients of corona on top of what we’re doing normally means there is potential,. and it should be used by the government and the Health Ministry.

You mentioned the need to do genetic sequencing of anyone who tests positive when they come into the country but if we’re afraid of the mutations and they might be vaccine resistant, why are we letting people who are vaccinated come in and not be isolated without testing at all?

If you’re asking for my opinion, everyone should be PCR tested upon entry, regardless of if they’re vaccinated or not. We should test everyone. This is how we block entrance of new mutations. Then of course immediately we should perform the genetic testing necessary to every positive test. And by that, we will block the propagation of a new mutation. That’s the way to do it, but it must be done decisively, with a lot of trust from everybody. Just to throw people into hotels or put them under electronic cuffs or to make them stay two weeks at home has no logic. It causes resistance and mistrust, and what we see today is a reaction.

I don’t think Israelis are the most disciplined population of the world, they will try to sneak away from any authority, but trust can reduce this to a minimum. And to do this, first of all, we need to use logic. Simple, common sense is what is missing today. And I’m not the only one with common sense in the country. And if I have criticism with a lack of common sense, I can spread it to people around me, and that builds resentment. That’s being the anti, and this anti is unfortunately right now dominating the country.

Let’s take a minute to talk about Sputnik V – the Russian vaccine. Hadassah bought how many doses? A few million?

Hadassah had the notion that the Russian vaccine is an extremely good vaccine.

I’m sure it is.

Exactly. Last October, we actually participated in the Phase 3 clinical study in Moscow. So we knew there were no significant side effects and produces the antibody needed. Then we put a hand on a million and a half units in November. We could have had them in the country and started vaccinations earlier in 2-3 months, which makes a huge difference. But unfortunately, the Health Ministry refused to approve the Russian vaccine, they said “we will wait until it is approved by the FDA.” This is a political issue between he US and Russia. Their relations are not as okay as the US and Canada. So taking this special relationship into consideration means Russia didn’t rush to get it approved by the FDA but rather did it in other countries, especially Europe, where it is already approved. Last week I read a report that 1.1 billion people around the globe are going to be vaccinated with the Russian vaccine. If it’s good for 1 billion people, I cannot justify the approach of Israel saying “okay, it’s not approved here.” 

So what we did, knowing that there is a shortage of vaccines, is give up on the Russian vaccine as long as it’s not approved in Israel, and we recommended it for the Palestinians. The reason we did this is because we are very close, we are neighbors and we are going to stay neighbors. They cannot kick us out of Israel and we won’t kick them out of their places, so we have to live together, and living together means caring for them is caring for us. So we suggested it and in fact our prime minister already organized some of the Russian vaccines for the Palestinians. And again, it was shown that Hadassah was right. All the time, Hadassah is leading the public opinion and some of the strategy of the country, but we come first, and there’s a lot of criticism, but later on, people realize Hadassah was right. That’s important to us.

We learn from the Bible that Israel needs someone to lead them. In the medical field, Hadassah can lead in innovation, in new ways of treatment, in new ways of diagnostics, in new ways of caring for people. That’s okay, that’s our goal, that’s our mission. We’ll continue to lead the country. And our opinion is expressed openly and loudly, and no one will shut our mouths.

So the Russian vaccines, those were purchased by Netanyahu for the Palestinians?

Yes.[The Prime Minister’s Office denied the purchase was made.]

Kapan mereka akan dikirim?

Mereka sudah mulai, dari apa yang kita ketahui. Kami di Hadassah mengambil bagian dari vaksinasi staf medis Otoritas Palestina dan kami siap menerima permintaan apa pun dari mereka, termasuk pemindahan pasien. Kami sudah mendapatkan beberapa dari mereka.

Saya tahu mereka saat ini mengalami kesulitan dengan mobilitas orang-orang mereka sendiri dan kami siap membantu mereka.

Hadassah selalu terbuka untuk semua orang. Itu penting untuk disebutkan. Itulah inti dari Hadassah. Ini adalah lembaga publik yang terbuka untuk semua orang dan kami akan melakukan segala kemungkinan untuk menyelamatkan nyawa orang.

Saya pikir kami menggunakan Moderna untuk pekerja Palestina. Apakah kami menggunakan Moderna dan Sputnik? Kami membeli Sputnik dan memberi mereka beberapa vaksin Moderna kami?

Kami tidak membeli dari Pfizer atau Moderna, melainkan Kementerian Kesehatan yang memutuskan untuk membeli dan mendistribusikan. Pada awalnya ketika Pfizer memiliki penyimpanan terbatas pada minus 70 derajat dan tidak mungkin untuk dipindahkan, mereka mengira akan sempurna menggunakan Moderna untuk tempat-tempat di mana Pfizer tidak dapat kami kirimkan. Sampai hari ini, saya tidak yakin siapa yang divaksinasi oleh Pfizer atau Moderna. Saya yakin mayoritas penduduk telah divaksinasi oleh Pfizer, dan itu memberikan banyak keuntungan bagi Pfizer. Ingat, mereka mendapat data tentang proses vaksinasi yang berantakan di suatu negara. Itu sangat berharga, dan Israel memberi mereka izin untuk mengumpulkan data, dan itu membantu kami mendapatkan vaksin lebih awal dari Pfizer. Itu adalah kesepakatan yang dinikmati Israel karena mereka bisa saja divaksinasi lebih awal daripada orang lain. Dan memang, persentase usia di atas 50 tahun yang divaksinasi di Israel adalah yang terbaik, dan kami menunjukkan caranya. Dan lagi, Hadassah adalah salah satu pemimpinnya lagi, dan kami memvaksinasi semua orang. Kami mulai memvaksinasi pasien yang pulih dengan mengetahui bahwa tingkat antibodi sedang berkurang. Kementerian Kesehatan mengikuti kami.

Hadassah adalah sejenis entitas internasional, dan kami sangat bergantung pada donor kami. Induk organisasi kami, para wanita Hadassah sebagaimana kami menyebutnya HWZOA merawat kami sepanjang waktu terutama sekarang untuk membantu kami semaksimal mungkin. Jadi jika Anda dapat berjanji untuk membantu Hadassah menjadi pemimpin fasilitas medis di Israel, Anda akan sangat disambut.

Hadassah telah berada di garis depan lebih dari satu inovasi medis selama pandemi ini. Ada Kamada, yang merupakan pengobatan vaksin pasif, jika Anda mau. Dan ada juga Allocetra dari Dr. Dror Mevorach. Bisakah Anda berbicara tentang di mana kita bertahan sekarang dengan perawatan tersebut?

Saya tidak yakin apakah Anda tahu tetapi kami melakukan 21 studi klinis tentang perawatan dan pengobatan yang berbeda pada tahun lalu untuk korona.

21? Saya tidak tahu.

Kami melakukannya, dan kami mencoba mencari pengobatan yang paling berhasil ,. Jelas bagi kami bahwa imunisasi pasif menggunakan imunoglobulin dari pasien yang sembuh merupakan kunci penting untuk mengubah nasib penyakit. Kami mulai dengan Kamada dan kemudian kami pindah ke antibodi yang tersedia secara komersial seperti Regeneron, dan bahkan hari ini jika seseorang sakit hanya dengan gejala ringan kami meminumnya selama tiga jam pengobatan dan menanamkan antibodi monoklonal mengubah penyakit menjadi penyakit ringan dan kemudian mengirimnya rumah. Kami mengumpulkan data sejauh ini dan menurut saya ini sangat berhasil. Saya mengimbau semua orang yang telah didiagnosis dengan virus corona untuk mendapatkan pengobatan yang aman dan dapat mengobati penyakit ini.

Allocetra, yang dibuat oleh peneliti kami Dr. Dror Mevorach, melakukan keajaiban pada fase kedua penyakit ini ketika tubuh mulai menyerang dirinya sendiri, yang kami sebut area Badai Sitokin. Kami menemukan dalam studi fase 2 pengobatan ini bahwa dalam waktu 48 jam, pasien dapat berjalan kembali ke rumah tanpa ventilasi.

Hadassah berada di ujung tombak teknologi dan R&D. Kami melayani dunia dengan menjadi pusat yang menangani penelitian dan bukan hanya pengobatan.

Kapan ini akan berakhir? Sudah setahun, dimana cahaya di ujung terowongan? Berapa tahun lagi ini?

Jadi Anda ingin saya menjadi seorang nabi (tertawa). Saya tidak bisa menebak. Yang bisa saya katakan adalah kita harus pandai sebagai orang Israel dari negara hi-tech untuk belajar bagaimana hidup dengan sistem pendidikan terbuka, perdagangan terbuka, buka restoran, buka rumah sakit, dan mengatasi corona dengan terus membangun dan membentengi bangsa kita. . Itulah pelajaran penting untuk dipelajari. Saya tidak tahu apakah ini akan berakhir tahun ini atau tahun depan atau apakah akan ada mutasi baru, tetapi kami harus siap. Jadi R&D dan pengembangan vaksinasi baru seperti yang kita lakukan sekarang di institusi kita di Ness Ziona itu penting karena siapa tahu, mungkin besok kita akan membutuhkannya. dan saya tidak melihat sikap yang sama di Kementerian Kesehatan dan pemerintahan kita seperti di Hadassah. Jadi saya bisa berjanji kepada Anda bahwa kami akan melakukan yang terbaik untuk belajar hidup bersama dengan corona, dengan pandemi ini, dan terus membangun negara kita sendiri.

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