Properties (public variables)

Folder in which cached data should be stored. Remember to chmod this folder to 777. Set $cache_dir to "" (empty string) to disable transparent cache.
Cache interval in seconds. Don't set this lower than 1200 (20 minutes) - webmasters will hate you otherwise. Optimal value is between 3600 and 14400 (1 - 4 hours) in my opinion.
Code page - all text data will be converted to this character encoding. See Lib Iconv for supported encodings. To disable encoding conversion just don't set $lastRSS->cp or set it to "" (empty string). Note: PHP 4.0.5 or higher required.
Default document codepage in case of missing codepage definition in RSS. By default it is = 'UTF-8'.
Allows limit number of returned items. 0 (zero) means "no limit" and it's also the dafault value.
All pubDate and lastBuildDate data will be converted to specified date/time format. The format is fully compatible with PHP function date(); see PHP manual: date() for details.

For example: If you need timestamp format instead of RFC, set $date_format = 'U';
To disable date format conversion set date_format to empty string (default value).

Set stripHTML = True to strip HTML code from RSS content. Default value is False.
Allows to set how to proceed CDATA information.
nochange = default value; don't make any changes (get CDATA content including CDATA tag)
strip = completely strip CDATA information

content = get CDATA content (without CDATA tag)

Methods (public functions)

Load and parse RSS file $rss_url (e.g. ""). It use cached version of file if cache is enabled and cached file is fresh enough. Returns associative array of RSS fields. Simply use print_r() function to see structure of the result (see Demo 1).